Sunday, September 2, 2007


As my husband and I were driving through Green Hills last Friday evening on the way to the Jean Shabbat at the Temple (all the rabbis were actually wearing blue jeans), we adventured upon a delightful thing: the grand opening of both the California Pizza Kitchen and the Anthropologie store. My talented and uber-chic younger sister happens to work at an Anthropologie in sunny Florida -- and this delightful sister of mine has also introduced me to the Waldorf salad at the California Pizza Kitchen. I was excited.

By the time the service had ended .... and after several rounds of yummy food at a "nosh fest"... we ventured back to the retail development just in time for me to peer into the windows of a very large Anthropologie -- which happened to now be closed for the evening. My husband was smiling because we didn't have to go inside. I was smiling because I knew Nashville had a new and exciting retailer filled with beautiful, detailed clothing and many unique goods for the home. www.
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