Thursday, August 14, 2008

Marvelous Memphis

Roof of the Peabody
Cheesecake Corner

Local Collierville Establishment
Collierville Square
Beale Street
B.B. Kings

Last Friday afternoon Matthew and I headed to Memphis with my parents but first made a stop by Caesar's Ristorante for lunch. (If you live in the Nashville area and haven't been to Caesar's yet, make plans! It's incredible!) Since graduating from college over four years ago, I've only ventured west on 1-40 once (graduation 2005) ... so it was high time for another trek through Jackson and on to Memphis.
Matt and I met up with Paul and Heather early Friday evening and had an absolute blast. Friday night we dined at Houstons and toured the Memphis University Club and historic districts in mid-town. It was so lovely staying at Paul and Heather's on Friday night. They do have the absolute cutest cottage ever. Saturday morning, after the pleasure of poppyseed bread from La Baguette, we headed to downtown Collierville for shopping on the square and lunch at the Silver Caboose. Time spent with the Bruces is always too short. If only Heather was one door away like she once was ....

Late Saturday afternoon we met back up with my parents and the Bubbas's and shopped the Pottery Barn, William-Sonoma, and West Elm outlets. Fun! Not having a house in America makes for creative shopping at home stores but I'll be throwing a few Pottery Barn items in my bag before heading back over the pond.

After shopping, we headed to downtown Memphis for some Beale Street action. We dined at B.B. Kings and enjoyed the Motownesque live entertainment. I particularly enjoyed the ribs -- how could you not enjoy ribs while in Memphis??? We also stopped by the Peabody Hotel and headed to the roof to check on the little ducks. For all you curious ones out there, the ducks are doing just fine. We rounded out the night at the Cheesecake Corner in the South Main Arts District - another yummy establishment. (Paul- thanks for the recommendation!)

Sunday we worshipped at Bellevue Baptist Church and it was marvelous. We had lunch afterwards with the pastor and his family; it was a very uplifting and encouraging time. Ms. Donna gave me a copy of her new book, and I am looking forward to reading it!

After a smidge more shopping, we headed back east but first stopped in Jackson for a tour of Union's campus. Last February Union was hit by a tornado and a large percentage of the dormitories were destroyed. Union's campus has undergone a transformation and the rebuilding will turn out to be absoutely outstanding. And ... I couldn't leave Jackson on a Sunday night without stopping by Los Portales for my all time favorite Mexican dish: Pechuga Frita. That dish has been missed since I left Jackson ... nothing has replaced it. (That's a tinge sad - right???)

Overall, we had a fabulous weekend. And now, I'm working beachside for a bit before I head back to Scotland. Until then, I'll be at the pool ..... :)

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