Saturday, January 16, 2010


MBA and I have arrived safely in Edinburgh. Yesterday morning when we flew into Edinburgh, the whole of Scotland seemed to be covered in snow. It was beautiful.

Although - after spending all of my Virginia stay in snow - I felt a bit over it.

Then I awoke this morning to lots of rain and howling wind. I quickly decided I prefer snow.


In other news, we also just received a phone call that my luggage will be delivered before noon. With all of our traveling in the past several years, I've learned to plan on having at least one piece of luggage to go missing for a few days. It will inevitably happen! When I travel back home for approximately a month, that also means that my entire wardrobe is basically traveling with me. Hence, it's nice to know that by noon today, my belongings will hopefully have found their proper place in our flat and not at Charles de Gaulle airport.


And in the most important news of all, please keep my friends Mike and Missy Wilson in your prayers. The Wilsons are such tried and true friends of the Suttons, it's hard to put their friendship into words. When massive catastrophes occur, like in Haiti this week, it's difficult to know how to pray for hurting people beyond asking God to help and meet needs. But when it's three million people that need food now ... it's hard to know where to begin and how to help. However, you can specifically pray for one situation. The Wilsons are in the process of adopting their little girl Tia from Haiti. Mike and Missy were both in Haiti last week signing the paper work before the Haitian judge to finalize matters with the adoption. Mike and Missy have both spent quite a bit of time with Tia in Haiti, and she's already begun being grafted into the Wilson clan. When Missy called early Tuesday evening to ask us to pray for Tia and Katie (their other daughter who just left last week to work at an orphanage in Haiti for seven months), my heart just hurt for her. How devastating to know that your children, if they survived the 7.0 earthquake, must be going through so much -- and you're not there to comfort them and take care of them. Wednesday morning the Wilsons heard from Katie, and she and Tia are both alive and well. Wednesday afternoon Mike flew to Haiti and is in the process of trying to bring Tia home. Mike had to get some final paperwork from the American Embassy, and the American Embassy closed right there in front of him. Not only is the adoption process incredibly trying, but the devastation of Haiti that he's experiencing is especially difficult. You can hear more from Mike and Missy at their blog Bring Tifi Home. Please keep them in your prayers.

Here's a video of Tia and Katie from last week before the earthquake hit.

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Cbell said...

Hey Sister! Glad you made it back safe and sound. Wanted to give you an update:

Brent and Katie will be back in Nashville tonight at 9:00. Mike and Tia are still in Haiti because they can't get approval for Tia to leave. We have an international adoption caseworker (Mike & Missy's caseworker) who flew from Spokane to Nashville on Friday to help assist from this end. We have someone who has donated a plane large enough to get ALL the Haitian babies from the orphanage here to the states. We are just trying and PRAYING desperately for the gov't to give the green light.

Didn't you have a friend or ex-roomie who worked at the White House? If you think they would have any connections, can you send that info to Missy at

Thanks girl!

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