Thursday, May 27, 2010


After we visited the small Alpine villages in south Bavaria, we headed into Munich for the remainder of the weekend. The city has well-connected public transport and their subway system was easy to navigate.

The heart of Munich

MBA and Scott at Weisses Brauhas

I actually really liked German food! We didn't have one bad meal. Impressive! Here are the establishments we checked out for meals in Munich:

Weisses Brauhaus


Augustiner Brauhaus
(this one is a bit more out of the center of tourist stuff but the food was incredible! Think dumpling and meat in a mushroom cream sauce. Yum!)

I know Scott's eating a salad in the above picture, but for the most part -- forget about eating green vegetables while in Bavaria. It's just likely not going to happen.

People were also pretty friendly. At Weisses, the lady sitting next to us was in town from Cologne for Church Day. She was ready to chat, but our German wasn't up to par and her English was a bit difficult to decipher. She recommended we visit the new Synagogue in Munich the next morning, but at first we thought she was recommending a church for us to visit. At least we all tried!

Saturday night in Munich

City Hall

The Jewish Museum and Synagogue

The exterior of the museum was covered in English and German quotations. The selection of transcripts they picked was quite odd. I expected their to be an element of remorse and sorrow ... or perhaps information about the gravity and severity of the Holocaust. I imagine its still difficult waters to wade though for Munich.
The Synagogue

Any of my friends that read Hebrew care to translate? Start from the right and go left. 

City Hall

Probably similar to Kilt Shops, but these storefronts were everywhere!

My favorite Munich door.

Ludwig's Residenz

While cold and not very populated, biergartens were everywhere.

 Gardens at the Residenz

 Although I already mentioned these guys to you, one more picture couldn't hurt anything. This escapade really perked up our visit to Munich.

Strangely, this is one of the things to see while in Munich. It's a massive alien. Hmmm....

The Isar River - it originates in the Alps

Parliament Building

A square that hosted quite a bit of Nazi activity

Overall, Munich was enjoyable but it's not a place I'm in a rush to go back to. There was nothing overwhelmingly alluring about the city. Instead, I'd want to get out into the countryside and explore more of the small Alpine towns and then head into Austria. Now that sounds like a plan!


Dee said...

I've got to agree with you on that one, Ashli. Even though it's been many years since we were in Munich it's not a place a long to see again. The weather was mild & sunny yet it still felt heavy and dark to me.

You're right about the smaller Alpine villages too, they're much more inviting to me. But rather than heading into Austria I prefer heading into Switzerland. Investigating the variety of music boxes found in Switzerland is a great way to spend your time.

Ashli said...

Thanks for the tip!!! I would love to go to Switzerland! Please feel free to send any more tips you have on the Swiss. I'm especially interested in their fondue!

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