Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Celebrating Our Anniversary

Today is our second anniversary but we already celebrated in Italy at the start of December. It was a fantastic getaway!

Our official celebratory dinner was spent at a delicious and memorable restaurant on our last evening in Florence. For our first course, we split a sampler of pastas. I think I was already full after our FIFTH pasta dish ... but there was more to come!
I can't decide whether my favorite pasta was the one with spinach sauce (pictured above) or the one with pumpkin sauce. Each was delicious!
This was my attempt at capturing the aura of the restaurant without looking like a tourist by whipping out the camera and taking a million shots. Can you tell it had awesome atmosphere?

This was my yummo steak. It was covered in balsamic vinegar -- amazing!

We also shared a dessert sampler platter. So fun!
After dinner we walked along the Arno and through the Uffizi and by Ponte Vecchio. So romantic!

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