Sunday, February 1, 2009

Notes and Observations from this Mover

So, I'm in the process of helping my parents move ... which is as much my move as it is theirs. As I'm sorting through all my childhood belongings, high school photos, college mementos, wedding gifts, etc. etc. etc. (too much etcetera!), I thought I ought to share some observations:

1. Throw away notes you took in class after the semester ends. No one wants to read those, and you will likely never re-read them. However, you should hold on to meaningful note and cards you receive. Re-reading a thoughtful, encouraging note -- especially ones that mark an occasion --mean the world. 

2. I won the Science Fair in 8th Grade. What, pray you, was my project? Well, glad you asked. G418 vs. Ovarian Cancer. My brainy partner and I killed cancer cells at a research lab at Vanderbilt. To this day, I have no idea why Vandy research docs helped us with our science fair project. Other kids were killing mold with Tide, and we were killing cancer cells in petri dishes with G418. Observation: Some things in life make no sense. 

3. I found my "Wild Ideas List" from 1998 (similar to a list of goals -- what an adjective I chose!). A few things on my list included:
- Being able to paint
- Fluently speaking Spanish
- Traveling abroad
- Becoming a doctor 
- Owning a business
- Building by own home (or just buying)
- Have little body fat (what was I thinking back then???)
- Receiving a scholarship to college
- Volunteering
- Becoming more cultured. 

This list makes me laugh. It obviously was before I shadowed a nephrologist at Vandy and nearly passed out. Furthermore, what was a 14 year old doing thinking of buying/owning a house??? Over a decade later, I still do not own my own house. But, I would hope I'm becoming "more cultured" as I live abroad. Haha.....

4. Observation: purging stuff is good. 

5. Sean Paul's Get Busy is great packing music. 

6. I took a bunch of motivational quotes on 3 x 5 cards to Junior Miss Tennessee (such inspiration!). Some of my favorites:

"Life is like the movies. We produce our own show!" - Mike Todd (who is that??)

"Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean." - Goethe (If only I could recall why I thought that was motivational for a pageant!)

Observation: what you think is motivational at age 17 will likely change. 

7. Life Lesson: When moving, buy more moving boxes than you think you need. You will use them all and probably have to go back to Home Depot to buy at least 27 more. Also, give yourself much more time than you expect to pack. It's scary how little headway you can make -- even when working all day. Can anyone out there relate??? 


Scott and Jenn said...

Try packing while you have a six month old "unpacking" for you! Ahhh, good times!

Thanks for your prayers! It is very encouraging to know you are thinking of us!

Mrs. B said...

Your "Wild Ideas" list sounds very similar to a list I wrote when I was in jr. high! Love you!

Colleen said...

This made me laugh out loud! love you!

The Hilton's said...

So funny how our minds work! I wanted to be a pediatric optomotrist until I found out what was "involved"!

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