Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This Is Nashville

Good news: UPS tracking indicates that my husband won't need to be labeled as an illegal alien. The passport seems to be progressing overseas nicely. 

More good news: I made up for last night's cancelled dinner by having lunch today with Heather. Nothing like a little CPK with a bestie to make things better. 

As we were walking out, these nice men held the door for me. And then, one of them asked me if I was famous. What??? 

{Clearly, I am not famous}. 

I respond with: "No. Are you famous?" 

Does this happen anywhere but in Nashville??? Hil saw Josh Hartnett this past weekend in her new neighborhood in NYC. Josh did not ask Hilary if she was famous. Clearly, she would have said yes ... but I digress. Maybe Josh Hartnett is just too sophisticated to be asking people whether or not they are famous ..... 

1 comment:

Paul and Heather said...

Almost, Ash.

Almost famous :)


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