Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Check out that beautiful sunset!
The cutest mom and dad there ever was!
I'm obsessed with the sunsets over the mountains. Gorgeous!

Have you ever had a moment in life where you wanted time to freeze and everything to stay the same? Where life is so sweet and so good you just want to bottle it up and keep it that way? The past few weeks in Lynchburg have been that sweet and so good. 

I think Lynchburg is good for my soul. It's possibly a combination of things: the pace of life, the mountains, the local way of life, a good church, the people. There's a lot of good people in Lynchburg. Have I mentioned that before? Man, everywhere I turn I'm running into good people here. I can hardly walk into a coffee shop here without running into someone who's really meant something special to me or who I've had a hearty laugh with. 

The past few weeks have been spent with all kinds of people we just adore. In addition to lots of quality time with my parents, we've had dinner with Deb & Jordan, cookouts at the Giles and at Brad's, many meals with Jalvis & Meg ... then with Scott & Holly, tea & dessert with an old prof and his wife. Yesterday I spent the afternoon with a dear, dear friend who was a bridesmaid in my wedding -- I can't explain to you how good it was to catch up with her after not having seen her in over a year and a half. 

Lynchburg holds such a dear place in my heart -- not because it's such a cool, little city -- but because of all the wonderful people who make this community so enriching and unique. If I could bottle it up, I would. Instead, I'll remember just how blessed I've been. 

P.S. - If you've never had ice cream from Coldstone Creamery, you have not lived. In the picture below, I'm happily about to dig into cake batter ice cream. If you're one of those people who loves a dabble of cake batter (or cookie dough) before it hits the oven, you must try this delectable treat! 


Kelly said...

Great picture of your mom and dad! And I must try this cake batter ice cream!

Tina said...

All of you look so relaxed and so happy. I am thankful that the Lord has provided this new opportunity for your parents and allowing you to see it first hand.

I love all of you and miss you terribly.


mary caroline said...

loved the pics and story!! coldstone is the personal favorite is banana ice cream with cookie dough :) don't judge! haha

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