Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Festival Season is Upon Us

Edinburgh is super well-known for its festivals, most notably the International Festival and the Fringe Festival. However, there are many lesser-known festivals, many of which begin in June. Here are a few I have my eye on (meaning, I'm not sure which one's I'll attend ... and if I attend, which events within the festival, etc. etc. etc.):

Leith Festival
- Maybe we should take in a bit of comedy? A tour of Leith? The Indian food?

Old Town Festival
- Edinburgh is divided into Old Town and New Town. We live in New Town (which is not very new but is definitely not Medieval). Thus, I'm sure there's a few new experiences awaiting us at this festival.

West End Glasgow Festival
- Clearly this is not taking place in Edinburgh but it's only a short train ride away... and then -bam- you're in a totally different, huge city.

Edinburgh Film Festival
- Movies like Amelie and Little Miss Sunshine were debuted at this festival. Maybe I'll catch the next Amelie???

For a complete listing of Edinburgh festivals, check this website.

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