Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fav Berlin Photo

Counter-culture still rules in East Berlin. Haircuts, hair color, clothing, piercings, home furnishings. All of it is so distinguishable from other "sophisticated" and "cultured" parts of Western Europe. The populace of East Berlin fought oppression, overcame, and still hang on to many of their former sentiments and forms of expression. Thus, it's not surprising that spray painted facades cover the area -- especially Friedrichshain. Walking along Simon-Dach-Strafsse I saw the above and had to snap a photo of it.

The story behind the painting fascinates me -- even though I know nothing of its' origin. Yet, curiosity still pierces me. Who painted this? Are they remembering the past? Addressing some Neo faction in the area? What prompted the artist to spray paint the above in 2009 when Nazis haven't terrorized humanity and ruled Germany in over 60 years?

Perhaps the painting is a prompt to the rest of the world that formerly oppressed segments of the German populace won't let it happen again. Who knows ....... nonetheless, it's fascinating.

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