Monday, August 17, 2009

Once in a Lifetime Find. Once in a Lifetime Moment.

Mom and I made a fantastic find last week: Chocolate Abyss. Who has ever heard of chocolate tea? Consider yourself lucky for this introduction because it is yummy! And Eteaket ships internationally.

A closer runner up to Chocolate Abyss is ......

Laduree's Caramel Tea.

Oh my goodness! It's yummy!

Mom and I had such a special afternoon at Laduree in Paris.

Caramel tea and a selection of macaroons: raspberry, vanilla, lemon, and chocolate.


Here's a close-up. I was trying my best to be calm, cool, and relaxed ....

but nonetheless.....

We were at Laduree on the Rue Bonaparte. Does it get any more amazing than that???

So I snapped a few pictures. Sssshhhh. Don't tell!

Here's a candid of the fancy interiors. It's lux in every possible way.

Once in a Lifetime Moment: Splitting Macaroons in Laduree with your Mom! I will always cherish this memory!


Cbell said...

Yeah Mom! Looks like you guys had great fun!

Mrs. B said...


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