Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Sister Holiday [Part 1 .... Because This Could Take Awhile!]

Hello from Edinburgh! It's a minor miracle -- I think we have the sun peaking out from around the clouds this afternoon. People -- it seems that fall has arrived! When I returned to Edinburgh Sunday evening, there was a definite change in the air. Just one week previous, Hilary and I had trained to London where it was warm! Then we trained to Paris via the Eurostar, and it was even warmer there. Dare I say it -- I was even wearing a sleeveless dress at times in both destinations. Unheard of in these parts! 

When I left Hil at Terminal 4 in Heathrow Sunday morning, it was sad. So sad. I'm pathetic at goodbyes in airports these days. What can I say? I love my people, and I don't like saying goodbye because I just want to be around my people all the time. Hil and I had the most fun for two weeks straight. We hung out for 24/7 exploring my town, the Scottish countryside, the Fringe festival, and then London and Paris. Bliss, folks. Bliss. We haven't had this much "together time" as adults, and it was good. Real good. 

When Hilary arrived, she hit the ground running. We started off the visit with a trip to the best Starbucks in all the world: the Princes Street Starbucks with massive windows for viewing the Edinburgh Castle. The next few days brought visits to my favorite patisseries, restaurants, and tea shops. I wanted Hil to experience all my favorites in town. We also saw Emma Thompson's Fair Trade, In Short Production's Edges, some horrible comedy not worth mentioning, and the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. There were also street performers galore -- including some wannabe Nashville rock stars. Entertaining indeed!

Saturday brought a nice drive into the country. We went through Stirling and Dumblane up in to the Highlands and around Loch Tay. Then we headed over to the Kingdom of Fife for a tour of St. Andrews and then a stop through Anstruthers for dinner at the best fish and chip shop in Scotland: Anstruther Fish Bar.

Me & Hil at the Cathedral in St. Andrews

Check out the lines at Anstruther's Fish Bar:
So many people for a chippy! But it was really good!

All three of us together -- so thrilled to be in Edinburgh on a beautiful day!

With taking off so much time from work for this visit, I've got to get back to it! I'm signing out of here to knock out some constitution and bylaws. I'll be back soon to post Parts II, III, IV, V ..... well, we'll see how many posts come from this visit ;) More to come!


Heather said...

The last pic of all three of you is really good. I love when you refer to your peeps ... "my people" ... :)


K&T said...

This makes me so happy! I'm so glad you girls had such precious quality time together!

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