Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This Is Not Part 2

Hi bloggy friends ~

I've been a blogger loser lately. Sorry! I'll be back soon with more about my fabulous visit with my sister.

Here's a picture of Hil amidst all of the Edinburgh Fringe glory:
Good times!

For now, I'll just tell you about a few other things going on in our lives:
- MBA & I hiked Arthur's Seat this past Saturday. It had been awhile since we took advantage of the dormant volcano overlooking Edinburgh. We had glorious weather on Saturday, so we seized the day and headed up. It was grand!

- I've also made two batches of Pioneer Woman's chicken salad lately. It's super yummy! I highly recommend it!

- It's Fresher's Week in Edinburgh. New students have arrived. The air is crisper. We've spotted a few leaves changing. I do believe Fall has arrived. 

- I just picked up a copy of Drive at the local library.  Daniel Pink is a best-selling author who focuses on the changing nature of work. He usually has a lot of fascinating insight. If you're interested in his blog, you can find it here.

- This past weekend we also saw the film Winter's Bone. MBA and I both really enjoyed the story, the masterful acting, the bleak cinematography, the incredibly well put together set  --- we couldn't stop talking about this movie.

- One final bit of news: the Pope is coming to Edinburgh tomorrow, and 223 roads are being shut down. It's making all the news here. Should be interesting!


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