Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Post without Pictures

Hi Friends ~

Blogger has annoyingly declined to accept any picture uploads for several days now. And my research on how to fix the glitch has only complicated the matter as Google has no official recommendations on this and the forums are chocked full of a variety of (hundreds of) suggestions.  And - having a job or two negates the necessary time needed to problem solve. Thus, I bring you the post with no pictures!

This past weekend was delightful. We had friends over Friday night and made Thai rice wraps, sushi, and then steamed yummy Chinese dumplings for dessert. It was a fun and very active dinner party, as we kept making more delicious treats! 

On Saturday we went hiking with MBA's supervisor and several other students and spouses. We hiked from Dollar through the Glens of Sorrow and Hope over to Glendevon and back with a wee lunch stop at the Tormaukin Country Inn Pub. The food at Tormaukin was great, and it kept us going for the five mile hike back to Dollar. However, the highlight of my day was asking MBA's supervisor for a recommendation for Advent reading and his reply of Barth's Dogmatics on the incarnation. Light Advent reading anyone???

This past weekend we also celebrated the baptism of a very dear friend's baby, and it was a beautiful and very happy day. Don't you love those kinds of days? Where everything is good and right with the world? It was delightful, and we were blessed to be invited to participate in all the festivities. 

This is where a very cute picture of an adorable baby should be.
But it's not.

Anyway, it's ridiculously cold here today. The temperature on my phone reads zero. Zero! (Celsius of course -- but still!!!). And now - I am off to meet my husband for lunch at our favorite French restaurant, because you can never really eat to much French food :) 


Katie S Brown said...

You need to upload your photos somewhere like Picasa or Flickr and then just insert the HTML into your blog instead of uploading the individual photo straight into blogger. Give it a try...

Ashli said...

When I uploaded pictures with Picasa before, it made squiggly lines between all the pictures. Perhaps Flickr would work better? I'm willing to give it a try!

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