Monday, November 1, 2010

Scottish Highlands in the Fall

We had some friends in from the States for the weekend and took them out into the Highlands for a quick day trip yesterday.  It was an absolutely fantastic day for a drive out into the country. The air was cool and crisp, the leaves were changing all kinds of brilliant and vibrant colors, and after a morning with a bit of fog, it cleared up to make for a super calm and clear day.
Our first stop was by Stirling Castle. MBA and I were last in Stirling in July, and you can definitely see a shift in the colors! I love how the fog added a bit of mystique to the castle.

We then headed through several glens to drive along Loch Earn. I couldn't get enough of the majestic sites we were taking in.

We then headed over to Loch Leven where you have to take a boat out to the Loch Leven Castle. 

Isn't it all so breathtakingly beautiful?


jenny said...

Ashli, your blog makes me want to move to Scotland. Especially the pictures where the trees are reflected in the water! I'm working on convincing Isaac to do his doctorate in Scotland...or let me go back to school (but only somewhere in the UK or Sweden...but preferrably Scotland). Lovely pictures!

Dee said...

Oh my stars - incredible, majestic beauty. And to think, heaven will be even better. :o)

Marksberry Family said...

Love fall pictures!

Cara said...

Those are beautiful pictures, Ashli!

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