Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fondue Anyone?

This was one of my favorite parts of our visit to Switzerland! Katy and I went for fondue on Lake Geneva at Buvette des Bains (Bains des Paquis) on Friday evening.
While we arrived a bit early, this place became the happening spot as the evening wore on!

 Look at this yumminess!

If you ever visit Buvettes des Bains, make sure to order outside at the counter. Unlike our approach, I'd also recommend having a reservation for a table because this place gets crowded!

Next up, we headed for a stroll through town. 

 Switzerland has amazing chocolates!

 Store front at Globus -- a fabulous design-oriented department store!

 Isn't it a beautiful city?


I'm now off to spend the day with my family! I'm soaking up every last moment with them!!!

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