Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Geneva Explored: Afternoon & Dusk of Day 1

My friend Katy and I decided to take a city break to Geneva when our husbands were in the States for a conference -- this was a way more fun option than simply trying to hold down the home front!

Flying into Geneva was great -- the view of the Alps on descent was breathtaking. Snow capped mountains make my heart skip a beat. After arrival, we walked right into the train station (which is at the airport! convenient!) and caught a train into town.

Tip: all trains at the Geneva airport go into Geneva city. Make sure to get your free train ticket for city centre in baggage arrival at the kiosk. Once you get to the train station, just find the train that's leaving the soonest and step on. No one ever checked our ticket, and I imagine that's the norm. The complimentary ticket is also good for 80 minutes (if I recall correctly -- could just be an hour) once it's printed out of the kiosk.

Upon our arrival into city centre, we walked over to our hotel, checked in, dropped our bags, and headed off. One of our first stops was at this lovely deli:

I couldn't get enough of how pretty this produce was!!! Splendid!

Speaking of beautiful things, Lake Geneva itself was breathtaking. The mountain at the top left of this photo is Mont Blanc. Wow.

The buildings in Geneva were also topped with luxury brand names and names of international banks. But -- that didn't necessarily mean that Deutsche Banc was actually housed in that building. Just classy advertising? It seemed so!

Check out how clear this water was  --- simply amazing!

The English Garden -- at the base of the Left Bank

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