Friday, May 29, 2009

Who Knew?

That a slice thinly-sliced portion of ham with an egg over easy was divine? I didn't know about this gem until lunch today. MBA and I ate at a little pub around the corner from school, and I was actually impressed with this British dish. Yum!

I also learned something else I didn't know -

It's now posh to serve cocktails out of antique tea cups. Who. Knew. I sure didn't. But none of the tea cups you're serving out of should match. Color coordinate? Yes. What a trend!

And where did this trend begin???

America. During the Prohibition. Just in case little snoopers were peeping inside your salon to see whether you were drinking bootleg or not, you looked like you were sipping tea instead of whiskey or what not.

And where did I learn this piece of trivia?

The antiquarian and purveyor of fine goods at Still Life on Candlemaker Row. I was musing over a set of Victorian hand-painted china (okay ..... drooling might be the better word). And, he told me that tea cups are becoming quite popular for people in my age-range. Only, everyone else is serving cocktails out of their tea cups.

Who. Knew.

You heard it here first folks.

Signing off - Ashli in Edinburgh.


Anonymous said...

We love pretty tea cups!

Mrs. B said...

Thanks for the history lesson!

Heather said...

Tea cups - I feel sure they are calling my name all the way from those little charity shops in Edinburgh ... Europe has the best china. Hands down. xo

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