Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Continuing ....

After arriving at the airport in London last Friday night, we discovered a slight problem while going through security. [Skipping all the boring details about our dilemma]....... thus, we hired a car and headed north toward Edinburgh. After spending the night in York, we continued north through the Borders. Our first stop was Hexham, England:

Hexham, England at the Borders

Hexham Town Square - Hexham Abbey

After viewing the Abbey - the arrival place of the Benedictine Rule in Great Britain - we headed to Hadrian's Wall and other ruins of a roman fort.

Standing Amidst the Roman Ruins at the Border of England and Scotland

In 124 AD, the Romans had central heating through their floors. Pretty impressive!
Standing on Hadrian's Wall

MBA Looking to the Scottish Borders: the wall was meant to keep the Scots out!

Hadrian's Wall

A glimpse of what our drive was like ....

A beautiful view once we passed the border into Scotland.

More of the Scottish Borders.

Our next stop was at Jedburgh, Scotland to see their famous abbey.

Unfortunately, it was already closed for the day and had a bit of construction going on ... but we did get a good glimpse of it!

Jedburgh, Scotland

Last but Not Least: The Scottish Windmills

Random Fact: Scotland is working to become independent of all outside energy sources. Hence, the windmills! This should work pretty well for them as they've got plenty of wind.


Colleen said...

you look amazing in that picture and always. I miss you. xo

Jessica said...

Wow! Beautiful photos!

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