Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How could I have taken 217 photos during a trip that was less than 36 hours??? Well, for starters - the trip actually turned out to be a 60-hour getaway.

Last Thursday morning, MBA and I caught a morning flight to London Stansted, caught the Stansted Express into Cambridge, and quickly headed to our B&B on foot. What MBA failed to mention was that our B&B was 2 1/2 miles away. [Boys love to overlook facts like 2 1/2 miles away with suitcases in tote -- which is why we, the female race, must overlook the details of life!] Anyway, we spent a lovely day in Cambridge. We walked the historic city center, visited several colleges, attended evensong at Kings College, and had dinner with friends who have recently relocated to Cambridge.

While MBA attended a conference on Friday, I visited Sawston Manor and Angelsey Abbey with my dear former professor and his lovely wife. Here are a few pictures from Cambridge and the surrounding areas:

St. Edward's: the Church where the English Reformation purportedly began - and the place where the first evangelical sermon was preached in Great Britain.

Historic City Center

I'm in front of Trinity College. Matt's attended conferences there at other times. 

Below is a picture of a college that trains Anglican ministers:

We stopped for hot chocolate at Chocolat Chocolat and had hot chocolate with tabasco sauce and cayenne pepper. It was surprisingly enjoyable!

Entrance to Jesus College

Courtyard Inside Kings College

Kings College

Kings College

The Eagle: A pub where the 8th division of the American Air Force wrote on the ceilings with candles during World War II.

Priest Holes at Sawston Manor

During the English Reformatin, Catholic priests hid for weeks at a time in these holes while Oliver Cromwell and his soldiers waited outside for them.

Paintings by American Air Force during World War II

Lovely Grounds at Angelsey.

I'll return tomorrow with the rest of the report on our trip to England.


Cbell said...

Don't feel bad... I took 593 pictures of two people on Sunday afternoon!! It only took me two hours!

Heather said...

Umm. The window box. Gorgeous!!! I LOVE these pics!

Ashli said...

Laney - the hydrangeas picture was especially for you!

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