Monday, November 16, 2009


I'm going to a wedding this spring -- and with much anticipation -- I have a very serious choice to make:

What fascinator will I don?

A bit much? 
More me?

What do you think? What choice would you make?

Let is be known: the hunt for a proper fascinator is on.

While we were at Jenners yesterday, I also checked out the 40 foot Christmas tree:

Why no ornaments? Maybe they're coming? 

I also made a stop by the Food Shop and guess what I saw -- some Aunt Jemima's for no less than $10 US Dollars!

Y'all better cherish that Aunt Jemima's!

[P.S. - I think this is the first pack of Oreo's I've seen in the UK. Jenners really does have quite the stash of American food: from Crisco to Hamburger Helper!].

Meanwhile, we also discovered a Lindt chocolate boutique at Jenners:

So much chocolate! MBA enjoyed trying a new sweet.

Look what else I saw out on Princes Street yesterday:

And I took this picture after walking out of church yesterday:

Blue Skies + Gorgeous Castle = Happiness in Scotland


scottybecca said...

Scotty and I just walked past the new Urban Outfitters last night! I was so surprised. I had no idea.

Cbell said...

Oh Sister!!! Go BIG or go home! The first one is the BEST!!!

mary caroline said...

go all out...the first one!! You are fabulous! I love that they are called fascinators. New word to add to the vocab :)

sweeticedtea said...

Oh, I love the first one! I love fascinators. They're never too much! :)

Anonymous said...

I think both are great facinators, it really depends how you are going to wear your hair, right? Glad you found some you like! Where did you end up finding them? Hope to catch you tomorrow!

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