Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What I'm Reading and Purchasing

Who Is a Jew? Court Ruling in Britain Raises Question - A court case in Britain is allowing the UK government to determine who is a Jew for purposes of admission into a publicly-funded Jewish high school in North London. Religion in the public square is just as fascinating in the UK as it is in the US. In the article, Lauren Lesin-Davis, chairman of the board of governors at King David states, “You cannot come in and start telling people how their whole lives should change, that the whole essence of their life and their religion is completely wrong." 


Going Muslim - An equally interesting read in Forbes about Fort Hood, political correctness, and assimilation by Muslims into the US. The article ends with Tunku Varadarajan writing, "The U.S. Army has to be a PC-free zone. Our democracy and our way of life depend on it."


Brrrrr........ it has become so chilly here! To fend off the chill, I purchased a pair of Scottish-made Johnstons' gloves.  Johnstons is another fabulous Scottish company specializing in making all things warm and cozy! (P.S. - my gloves are the shade of #7)

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scottybecca said...

Thanks for posting the articles. I finally got a chance to read them and enjoyed both!

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