Monday, November 2, 2009

Tidbits, Morsels, and Musings

The highlight of my weekend was creating the perfect bowl of potato soup. And no -  it's not the kind with leeks and veggies. It's just potato, onion, and lots of bad-for-you stuff. I'm sure it's high in fat, sodium, and all kind of other things you don't want to know about. However, since we've joined the gym and the rain is no excuse to workout, it was a lovely treat to tweak an Epicurious recipe into my own and enjoy!

Speaking of working out, I've discovered that it's really nice to take a swim after a run. I've also discovered that it's pretty awkward to step into the steam room when there's someone else already in there and they clearly wanted to be alone. Oh well. Lesson reinforced: Don't talk to anyone in Edinburgh. Just leave 'em alone and pretend they don't exist. Everyone will be much happier that way.

On to other news -- I think I'll finally be receiving a library card this week. This is big news folks. When we first moved here, I tried three or four times to get a library card. I would go to the library with my passport, my visa, my lease, and an official letter from the British government with my national insurance number --- all the things I needed to prove who I am and what I'm doing -- and I still got rejected. I probably was just dealing with an ornery individual who had it out for the new guys. But I'm going to be victorious this week. I feel it in my bones. You know why? I applied online! This could be the secret step to success. I, too, will soon be borrowing dvds, uploading cds onto my computer, and reading books that I didn't pay for. It's going to be revolutionary.

And finally: we're about to go make our first visit to a British dentist. (Yes - I was still going in America on all my visits home. A bit unnecessary???) Anyway, I just heard last night that they'll probably only clean two of my teeth. Apparently, they'll look in your mouth and then decide what needs to be cleaned instead of cleaning all your teeth. Is that weird or what?

Update: I have now been to the dentist! I can enthusiastically recommend a visit to a British dentist -- it's a hoot. They do look at your teeth and determine what should be cleaned. I had to request my dentist to clean the back of my front two teeth. He said he usually doesn't do that because the teeth there are so sensitive. He told me I was brave, and that if at any point it hurt to tell him and he would stop. What?!?! I have never before heard a dentist utter those words: If it hurts, I'll stop. He probably also thought I was loony for asking for more work to be done.  But whatevs ..... in less than 20 minutes, I had x-rays, a check for TMJ, and my teeth cleaned. Now that's efficient.

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