Friday, March 12, 2010

Look What We Climbed Today!

Instead of crying over spilled milk or being homeless, MBA and I decided to hit the road and make the best of our lack in accommodation. We left Edinburgh on Wednesday, spent a night in Fort William, and quickly headed up to the Isle of Skye the following morning. Check out where we were this morning:
Our first climb this morning was on Quiraing on the northermost summit of the Trotternish Ridge on Skye. 

Some of it looked like this:
And the hard part looked like this:
Here I am at the top:
Do I look a bit pensive here???

It's because I was! I had just climbed a vertical ascent where both hands and feet were involved. I was a bit a freaked out!
Do you see how straight up this was!?!?

Check out our vertical ascent! I was a bit freaked out. It wasn't until after the climb that MBA told me it was for experienced hikers/climbers. What in the world was I doing up there?!!? Let me tell you for a third time: I was a bit freaked out.
MBA on top of Quiraing on the Isle of Skye
But I had a great time and the view was really worth it.

 Isn't it stunning?
In the afternoon we went on a different walk, and now my legs are feeling it! MBA has plans for us to go hiking again tomorrow. I'll let you know how that goes ;)


Jeffrey said...


gloria said...

CRAAAZY! Totally not for me. It is very beautiful, but I would have waiting for him to return with the pictures -LOL!

Marksberry Family said...

It is breath-taking! I would have been a little freaked out too! Sure it was worth it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous views!

Rebecca said...

IM proud Ashli!!! Beautiful!!

Rebecca said...

IM proud Ashli!! Beautiful!!

Heather said...

Oh, Ash. It does my heart so good to see you climbing mountains. You have taken the adventures of prissy & prancy to new heights ;)

MISS YOU more than words!!!! xo

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