Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why Do I Look So Happy?

Because Kampong Ah Lee's food is so yummy! Dare I say .....  it's a "delight"to eat!
Last night, MBA and I had dinner with some good friends at Kampong Ah Lee, Malaysian Delight, after we attended a Gifford Lecture given by Terry Eagleton at the Playfair Library in Old College. 

Old College, University of Edinburgh

Picture copyright © The University of Edinburgh 2008. 

While the above picture is of the Playfair Library in Old College, yesterday the room was set up for a lecture and not a banquet. Statues line the room alongside antique bookshelves filled with presumably collectible, historic books. The room is over 190 feet in length and has barrel-vaulted ceilings. It's quite an ornate room; yet, the acoustics are a bit lacking. Thus, you have to concentrate to understand the speaker. 

Yet, with such a fascinating and witty lecture, it was quite a pleasure to listen to Eagleton speak on The God Debate. Known for coining the term "Ditchken," Eagleton has been a dialoguing partner of the New Atheists. If you're interested in hearing Eagleton share on similar subjects, you might consider listening to his lecture series given at Yale in 2009: The Dwight H. Terry Lectureship given by Professor Eagleton.

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