Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One Final Climb

On our last day, MBA & I headed to the Cuillins for a hike up to a rocky range of mountains -- supposedly the most Alpine-like mountain range in Scotland.

The base of the hike started at a picturesque beach:

The ridge was covered in clouds and still a bit snowy.

This is a view of where we were headed.

After a few miles into the hike, I was ready to be at the top! Look at those amazing ridges!

And then we hit snow!

After traversing the snow, we had to traverse many streams! I was so thankful for Gore-tex boots!

Then we arrived!

Mom - don't freak out. This was the zenith for us! 

Here's the beautiful waterfall at the top. 

British military train at the top of this mountain. Allegedly, they're dropped off with their 100-pound backpacks and expected to climb these rocks. We decided to leave that to the British Special Forces. Maybe for another day?

This is one of the first places I've ever stood and felt like I could have been the first human being to ever be here and see these views. The rugged beauty felt totally untouched. 

Our attempt at the self-timer!

A Different View from the Top

Out in the distance, you could even see the Isle of Rum. Gorgeous!

On our way down the mountain, we passed the highest waterfall in all of Britain:

Isn't it simply amazing???
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