Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun

Pumpkin Carving Party Results!

Matt's Finished Product

Rebecca and Me

Trudy and Me at Mussel Inn

Matt and Me

Trudy and Mike

Yesterday afternoon we had a blast at a pumpkin carving party. I had never carved a pumpkin and left the highly technical pumpkin carving moves to Matt. He did great! Then, last night we joined our friends Mike and Trudy for dinner at Mussel Inn. I had a half kilo of fresh mussels in a blue cheese sauce. Yum! We really do get some spectacular seafood here!


Paul and Heather said...

Okay - I love the pumpkins, but what I'm really loving these days is your short hair....LOVE the hair :)


Anonymous said...

Matt looks like he is performing surgery on the pumpkin!!!

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