Saturday, October 11, 2008

Whirlwind Activity

What a whirlwind of a week! Other than Wednesday night, Matt and I have been out every night this week ... and we have plans this evening, too. Monday night we celebrated our American friend Josh's 30th birthday. At the party, they had a pub quiz. I'm usually not too great at pub quizzes. Not great at all --- more like, awful. Plain awful. (Side note: they even play these games at church. I've never actually played a pub quiz at a pub -- only at church. They love pub quizzes over here!) Anyway, back to the story. So at this party they split everyone into groups for the pub quiz. Matt and I were naturally on the same team. The first 11 questions on the quiz were about Oregon. Of course everyone on our team thought that we should know all the answers about the state of Oregon since we are from America. I tried to explain to our team members that that was analogous to them knowing everything there is to know about Latvia. Amazingly, we didn't do too shabby on the Oregon round. Well, the second round came up and it was on American Sports. We ruled that round thanks to Matt. Next round was on the year 1978. Nothing short of a miracle, we still won that round.

So .......

Matt and I are now officialy pub quiz winners.

Everyone in the room then hated us.


We shared our prize with everyone else -- chocolate eclairs -- and regained many friendships.

Other important things to share: Made these last Saturday night for a dinner party. What a smashing success! They were so good, my friend Rebecca and I are making them again for dinner tomorrow night. Yum!
I made this shrimp dish on Wednesday night. Matt loved it. Plus, it's super healthy!
Are you catching on to the seafood theme? Silly thing is, I walked into our fishmonger -- after having lived here an entire year -- and asked for shrimp. Shrimp are called prawns over here. The fishmongers gave me quite the dumbfounded look and tried to joke with me about my wellies.
P.S. -- I'm loving going shop to shop in our little neighborhood for all our grocery needs. Too fun! This is where I go for our bread.

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