Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vacuous Ramblings

Last night Matt and I were at home. We had Indian takeout. I started some grading (I *heart* 15 page papers -- kidding, kidding -- I really do feel for my poor students that have to write a 15 page paper in 200 level course), then read a bit. It was a nice, peaceful evening.

What am I reading you may ask? For starters, I'm reading Three Cups of Tea. I also read this insightful article by Roger Kimball earlier today (first book of his I read was Experiments Against Reality -- highly recommended). But you should take a look at that article. Good stuff. I also picked up Plats du Juor, The Witch of Portobello, and Bel Canto this past weekend. From this selection, can you tell I'm trying to escape the swirling vortex of bad news about the economy and endless commentary on the campaign???

Meanwhile, I'm working on a legal memorandum and helping draft language for a decency ordinance. I should go get back to the grind ...... but maybe I'll go locate a cup of coffee first ...... cheers!

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Ashli said...

Dear Anonymous Poster from Nashville who uses Comcast Cable Communications, who's IP Address is, and who's Host Name is c-68-32-104-251.hsd1.tn.comcast.net:

I don't allow people to post ugly comments on my blog. I've dealt with enough ugly Christians in the past two years to last me a lifetime. So it's time you take your judgmentalism elsewhere because it's not welcome on this tiny slice of the internet.

Very truly yours,

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