Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Are You Glad to be Back?

The past several days have been spent getting settled back into life in Edinburgh. I've been busy with work, trying to get acclimated to walking everywhere, buying groceries on foot, dealing with the rain. There's a different rhythm to life in Edinburgh and after having spent several months in America, it takes a smidge of adjustment to return and get settled.

In one sense, I'm glad to be back. I'm thrilled to be with Matt. Thrilled to see the gorgeous historic buildings everywhere. Thrilled to watch the fog lift from our little village. Thrilled to walk along our little cobble stone street. Thrilled at the adventure just around the corner.

But, it's always a life of mixed emotions when you live so far from family and loved ones. And without a car. (There. I said it. Life without a car gets to me. Such confessions ....) And without your own kitchen. One day, I will be thrilled to be back in America, in the land of good kitchens and good bathrooms, and have every utensil I need to prepare a meal. I'm not missing melon ballers, I'm missing more of the basics. Such is life and one day this adventure will be over.

So - until then, I'm enjoying my own adventure - the good bits and the interesting bits.

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