Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh friends! What a meal we just had. Matt and I ate like a king and queen for dinner. What, you ask, was this meal? Let me just tell you, you mustn't judge until you try it. Furthermore, you must withhold judgment on the basis of the name. Just try the dish and you'll agree with me. It's divine!

What did we have?

Cottage Cheese Pancakes.


I was practically eating them as they came off the griddle. I just couldn't wait!

Now the details: the recipe can be found in Joy of Cooking. So pick up your copy and get to searching. You'll thank me later.


scottybecca said...

Ooooh. Sounds good. I'll have to try that out. Do you have Joy of Cooking over here? Mine's back in the States...sad :-( Thanks for the tip!

Ashli said...

Mine is back in the States, too. So sad!! And I love my copy!! It's an older edition that my grandmother handed down to me ... and I hear the older editions have more recipes ... or maybe different recipes than the new ones???

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