Thursday, April 16, 2009

Did you know the word 'mischievious' is not actually a word? According to Oxford University Press, the actual word we should all be using is 'mischievous.' And, apparently, we're all saying it wrong, too. Who knew???

Well, last night I made a vegetarian Indian dish from scratch. When we were picking up groceries last night, Matt was curious as to why I hadn't picked up a jar of curry paste. Making something from scratch -- even if it takes hours and is a bit too spicy -- is oh so satisfying. I made Roasted Potatoes and Cauliflower -- recipe here and here. Of course, I made my own derivation because grocery stores in Britain are not guaranteed to have all the ingredients one needs. So different from America! We stopped by two grocers on our way home -- neither of which had red chili peppers. So, we settled for a jar of minced red chili peppers, which I do believe might be spicier than having fresh peppers. Let's just say, the dish had some kick. I'm glad I made plenty of yogurt sauce!

Speaking of a small difference between the US and Britain -- have you ever bought wrapping paper like this?

I've never seen wrapping paper sold in rolls in the UK. Only as sheets as shown in the photo above. Interesting eh?


Mrs. B said...

My English teacher in high school made us pronounce words correctly but thanks for sharing that tid bit with the world.

Also, you dinner sounds great! I love spicy food!!!

Hope you're doing well.

Ashli said...

Mrs. B,

I think you and Mr. B would really like this Indian dish. My recommendation would be to roast the potatoes a bit longer, as we found it took awhile for them to cook on the stove. It's quite a savory dish!


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