Monday, April 13, 2009

I Love the Sun

What a weekend folks! I did not feel one rain drop, nor did I step in one puddle, the entire weekend -- miraculous -- no -- glorious. I loved it!

Matt and I hosted two dinner parties this weekend -- each was edible and fun. Friday night I ridiculously decided to cook Mexican for an authentic Mexican. And my version of Mexican is more like Southern Living meets Tex-Mex. (Not very authentic!)

Then we also hosted an Easter dinner for an assortment of friends, and it was delightful. Do you want to know what made it so delightful??? A crock pot! When we got home from church, I assembled the roast in a crock pot, and then I was out of the kitchen and off to another fun soiree at a friend's home. I love non-stressful cooking - amen???

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