Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The grass seems slightly greener. Small buds are peeking out in random places.

Dare I say it ---

The sky is actually blue today. It's not gray!

This has me hopeful for spring. Anyone else out there itching for green, growth, and less frigid temperatures???


Scott and Jenn said...

YES!!!!! And we just got 6 more inches of snow to go on top of the 6 inches that were already there!

Fern said...

Yes! Me! But I think we will have to wait.

Christine said...

where did you see the buds.... I've not seen a single snowdrop yet this year, but maybe that's because i've not gone past the meadows or inverleith or the botanicals in the day time..... my own fault really. Nearly daff season :) xC

Ashli said...

Christine --

I know it sounds crazy, but a pot of flowers at our front door is blooming. The surrounding pots are dead ... but we do have a few, small blooms. A miracle? A sign of hope?

To all friends in America --

The amount of snow you're dealing with is insane. Seriously insane.

Emily said...

Sure is!

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