Monday, February 1, 2010

Das Weisse Band

MBA and I saw Das Weisse Band, The White Ribbon, yesterday afternoon. I'm still mulling over the movie; it's quite thought-provoking. MBA liked it. I found it interesting. One critic states that the film is "an oppressive and impressive moral painting, in which neither the audience nor the people in the village find an escape and a valve from the web of authority, hierarchy and violence. [...] Everything in The White Ribbon is true. And that is why it is so difficult to bear." (Translated from German in "Eine deutsche Gewaltgeschichte"). I agree. It is a difficult movie to bear. The maker of the film, Michael Haneke, described the film as an exploration of every type of terrorism. The dark portrayal of fallen humans might, at times, be accurate; yet, life in Eichwald seemed hopeless. Realistically, redemption was never mentioned or portrayed. Possibly for the audience to deduce?

I don't know.

If you're interested in the film, I would do a bit of reading and research prior to going to determine whether it's well-suited for your tastes.

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