Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Discoveries in Edinburgh

We now have real Tex-Mex. Welcome to town Illegal Jacks!

We're also getting a Nando's on Lothian Road.

The French Institute offers free admission to art exhibits and film viewings.
(Romanian film showing this Monday night)

The Filmhouse offers bargain matinees on Friday afternoon for £3.60. I like that!

~ and ~

A new restaurant and patisserie just opened on George the IV: The Cellar Door.
The patisserie even has chocolate workshops. Yum!
I had a free sample of their hot chocolate on the street yesterday, and it was incredibly delicious. Seems like a great place to pop in on these cold, cold days.


Amanda Rivera said...

What great finds! Joe is going to be thrilled to hear about Illegal Jack's. I'm predicting a burrito stop within the next few days! Thanks for sharing all these great Edinburgh hidden gems.

Katie S Brown said...

did you know we already have a Nando's?

Ashli said...

Amanda - Did you see the 2 for 1 between 3 and 5 pm? Looks like a good deal!

Katie - Yes. I know Nando's is at Fountainbridge. I'm excited there's one convenient to city centre now! I've heard it's really good. Have you been to the one at Fountainbridge?

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