Friday, April 23, 2010

Oxford in Pictures

Wycliffe Hall

North Parade Avenue, Oxford (also called Chalk Street???)

At the Eagle and Child. If you want to sit at the Inklings' booth, breakfast is a great time to go! No one is there!

 Covered Market

We saw lots of Morris Dancers out in Oxford. How fun!

Christ Church - this is where MBA's supervisor was up until the year before we came to Britian.

Christ Church is an amazing college. However, I think I prefer living in Edinburgh.

The Exam Halls

Radcliffe Camera from the Ground

We then climbed this:

To see this:

Well worth the climb!

Such a beautiful, historic place. And the weather cooperated, too! 


Jessica said...

Your photos are amazing! You should be a photographer!

scottybecca said...

Great photos Ashli! Loved seeing some of my favorite haunts - you actually walked past where I lived - between the Eagle and Child and Chalk Street.

mary caroline said...

did you run into any of my radcliffe relatives??

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