Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Proper Update

Are airplanes not amazing? Reading books such as My Life in France remind me of the ease of present transportation choices.  While there are things -- such as volcanoes -- that deter the ease of traveling, for the most part, traveling from Europe to the US is no big deal.  For this, I'm thankful!

Monday evening I arrived in DC and spent the following 24-hours with my mom enjoying the high life. I have now replaced my drowned Macbook, made a few other purchases, and ate some distinctly American food. It's been a lot of fun catching up with my parents and running into old friends here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

For now I'm at a local little coffee shop writing an article on a decision the Supreme Court issued today on the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. It's a tangled mess of opinions, with hardly a justice concurring with the next justice. However, this cup of Joe is helping me wade through the mess. (A fun and interesting mess!) But what I'm really looking forward to tonight is grilling turkey burgers.


What a novel thing! However, when your only choice as to how to make a steak is atop a stove, the very thought of grilling is enough to make you salivate.

And tonight -- we're getting our grilling on. Grill + warm temps = bliss.

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Heather said...

Oh dear Lord, how I love this post :) WELCOME HOME. PB and I passed by Los P on Sunday night on the way home from Nash ... and I always find myself wishing to be there with you! Pechuga frita 4 life. Mmm.


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