Friday, April 23, 2010

Roger Scruton - View from Somewhere

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of hearing philosopher and public intellectual, Roger Scruton, give a lecture at St. Andrews University as part of the 2010 Gifford Lecture Series. Here's a link to the lecture entitled 'View from Somewhere.'

For another perspective on the mind of Scruton, here's a video he did as part of a series for the BBC on the Beauty of Art:

* While shown on public television in Great Britain, this video is not suited for children.

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scottybecca said...

It was a fun outing yesterday! And the video link is great. I may have to poach it and put it on my blog... Love what he has to say about art and it's obligation toward truth. The Good, the True, and the Beautiful - all components of the same thing. Thanks for sharing.

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