Monday, October 11, 2010

Harvest Sunday.

This weekend I ventured over to the farmers' market for some fresh produce, sausage, and was then treated to a doughnut from Valvona & Crolla. You haven't lived until you've tried their doughnust. Just don't try 'em too often! Here are a few items we purchased from our bountiful market:
I'm super excited about trying the yellow courgette. It'll be new to my repertoire!

One lovely thing I've enjoyed while living in Britain is being in touch with the harvest season. The churches in Britain celebrate Harvest Sunday the week that most of the harvesting takes place. Two weeks ago, the church we attend thanked God for the provisions of the harvest and requested grace for the farmers that were still harvesting due to the heavy rains. There's a more intimate connection here with the land, soil, and food. I'm grateful to have participated in it!

Yesterday we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with a few of our Canadian friends. We had a wonderful time! The Canadian Thanksgiving seems to fall about two weeks after Harvest Sunday here in Britain, and it also seems quite connected -- at least historically -- to the harvest and bounty the people received.

Here's Nathalie -- our beautiful hostess!

And here's Megan with Schnittlauch, which is German for chives. Oh the things you learn and enjoy while living abroad!

MBA & the Chernoffs

Per usual, we basically had to roll ourselves home after all the yummy turkey, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and stuffing. It was delish! We provided the dessert, and I happily used one of my cans of pumpkin to make a delicious pumpkin cake. It was a hit! I imagine the decadent cream cheese icing helped out a bit!!!

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