Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Not to Wear in Europe

With terror alerts on high and those threats allegedly aimed at Americans, I bring you: What Not to Wear in Europe.

While training from London to Paris a few months back, my sister and I sat catty-cornered from the above couple. He was looking a bit "noticeable" in his white trainers --- but she was wearing white knee high socks with capri pants and sandals. Recently I've had people directed to my blog because they googled "what to wear in Europe so as not to be a target." I don't have much advice in that arena, but I can tell you that the lady's above ensemble resembles nothing I've seen the natives wear in these parts. I'm just sayin ......

When you're packing for Europe, it's probably best to leave your tube sock/capri/sandal trilogy at home. 

These are best left to the softball fields back home!

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