Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's My Birthday Today!

It's my birthday today! I'd love to hear from all of my friends out there. Leave me a message in the comments about a good memory we've made together or about something funny we've experienced together or anything you'd like. It'll be fun reading all your comments :) Cheers!!!!


Stacey said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you are having a great day :)

-Your Cousin Stacey

The Hiltons said...

Happy Birthday!!! Lots of Jones 6 memories (fire extinguishers, dancing and the like), NYE, weddings, and one particular night you eating lots of grapes.

An Ordinary Radical said...


Hope you have had an special day and pray you have an amazing time this weekend.

A memory (this is such a good idea)...
Well, to celebrate your birthday, I think back to my birthday just a few months ago. Honestly, it was the best birthday I ever had, and you and Matt (and Josh) were a huge part of that. Being welcomed into your home brought much joy and was so enriching on so many levels: Tasty food, stimulating & challenging conversation, laughs... it was true fellowship.

Thanks for trying on my sister's Manchester United jersey! That was humorous.

The best part was that drive through Fife and Sunday roast So beautiful and yummy! Great conversations and adventure. What a wonderful memory.

May you draw closer to your Creator and may he give you many many more abundant years to come.


Heather said...

...too many, Ash. That in and of itself is reason to celebrate :) Julie's comment made me laugh though...the night you ate lots of grapes ;) I LOVE YOU! Have fun in Germany!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Yesterday! I'm thankful for another year of life and I pray that it is filled with love and adventure and deeper learning of who our Father is. I only have memories of Sunday School and seeing you in church services because we were never friends. But, I have enjoyed getting to read about your adventures and see how you have touched other lives and reading about your relationships with your family and friends. You have so much to offer and I am glad that it's out there for others to read!

GingerLand said...

I saw on Facebook that it was your birthday the other day, but I'm catching up on my Google Reader blogs, and I love this post, so I thought I'd share a funny story.

I remember my freshmen year at Union, walking around the Hurt complex, you had this really great coat, and because of it, I instantly thought you were one of the "cool kids," before I even met you. I know now that's true, but not just because of your cool wardrobe. So girly, and so embarrasing.

P.S. - I'm pretty sure I've spotted you wearing it somewhere on this blog but I can't really remember which post... is it weird that I'm a little obsessed with outerwear? (I think it's because I never get to wear it, living in California.)

Ashli said...

Thanks for all the fun comments!! Some publishable -- others not so publishable! Haha!

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