Sunday, January 30, 2011

N.T. Wright at University of Edinburgh

This past Friday I had the opportunity to hear N.T. Wright, perhaps the brightest and most well known New Testament scholar, speak at the University of Edinburgh. His paper focused on Romans 2-4, and his main argument was about the instrumentality of the people of Israel in God's covenant. Wright claims that Paul, the apostle and author of Romans, affirms that the creator God is committed to rescuing the created order through Israel, and that the role of the Messiah coming to earth was to extend that covenant to the Gentiles. Wright is an absolutely brilliant mind and incredibly articulate speaker. He graciously accepted criticism after the paper from Professor James Dunn and fielded questions from the audience in a very pastoral and compassionate manner. Overall, it was the bee's knees to hear Professor Wright!

If you want to learn more of Wright's thoughts, here's an excellent website with links to some of his articles and lectures.


Dee said...

Thanks for the clarification, Ashli. Isn't it terrible when you can't make an innocent typo without someone crying, "error! error!"? LOL

Ashli said...

I appreciate it Dee! The forum was meant to highlight new things we can learn from Romans. Had that typo gone unnoticed, that would have really been a "new" thing to learn from Romans ;) I hope you're doing well!

An Ordinary Radical said...

Ashley! I'm so jealous. Thanks for the NT Wright link...I don't know where to begin!!! :)

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