Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I'm Reading

Hi friends! 

We're back in Edinburgh, and I'm curled up under a blanket with a lovely Seda France candle burning and am reading some great books. Here are my latest reads:

I've been a follower and committed reader of Gretchen Rubin's blog since 2008, so I'm pretty thrilled to have my hands on her book. It's great. She's great. Her life is fascinating, and she'll make you think. I definitely recommend this one!

I'm just getting started with Little Bee but it already seems like it's going to be a great read. Starting off in Black Hill Immigration Removal about 40 miles east of London and telling the story of a refugee, this book is bound to be headed somewhere interesting! I'm already hooked!

I also am an avid follower of both of Dr. Bauer's blogs -- one on classical education and the other about her experience writing books on the history of the world. Thus far, this book is a fantastic read. It's not only a guide on classical education, but it is also a guide about more meaningful reading. Five stars!


GingerLand said...

Loved The Happiness Project, and A Well-Educated Mind. I didn't know Dr. Bauer had blogs, so I'll have to look those up!

I was ashamed at how many of the classics in Well-Educated Mind I hadn't read. I'm working my way through remedying that, but it might take a lifetime. I'd love to hear your thoughts on any that you've read!

Ashli said...

Ginger -- How were we not hooked at the hip at UU? I'll send you a link to Dr. Bauer's blogs!

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