Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Perfect NYC Itinerary

Want to know the perfect NYC itinerary? Here goes:

Day 1

Late lunch in Washington Heights at El Malecon with mom -- my ultimate partner in crime! I loved the fresh and wholesome flavors of Dominican food, and this place was great!

Explore sister's neighborhood Washington Heights. Catch the 1 down to the Upper West Side for a bit of shopping. Meet up with sister. 

Dinner at Isabella's in the Upper West Side. I highly recommend the poached pear salad. Delicious!

Walk down to Lincoln Center and soak it all in. 

Day 2

Catch the train to Brooklyn for a morning of browsing and eating at the Brooklyn Flea Market. This is no normal flea market. There are no tchotchkes here. There's only art, artisan goods, antiques, and brilliant vintage finds. Plus - there's some amazing food. We even bought a bit of pate from Brooklyn Cured and lunched on fish tacos from Chonco's Tacos. Yum!

Next up? Head to Soho! For more eating and shopping! (Hey - that's what people do in NYC!!!)

While in Soho, get a personal tour from sister as to where all the hot spots are. Next, stop for cupcakes and coffee at the Little Cupcake Bake Shop
 Hil with her Cupcake

Shop at Anthro for jeans -- not because jean shopping is fun because it is not  -- but because they have a knowledgeable personal shopper who can actually get the job done. I start off trying on a stack of jeans and feel utterly depressed because none of them fit right. Enter personal shopper = enter jeans that work for me. Enter happiness.

Dinner of tapas at Cafe Noir in Soho. So fun. So yummy. So fun to have a night on the town with my favs. 

Day 3

Cousins brunch at Sarabeths. Run to Sarabeths. It really is the best! I had a potato waffle with chicken sausage. To die for.  And it's worth the wait. (Because -- you will wait :)!
Cousins outside at Sarabeths in the Upper East Side

More shopping, errands, and a slight rest at the hotel .... and then we're off to 5 Napkin Burger in Hell's Kitchen for some pre-show burgers. Have you heard of 5 Napkin? Apparently, it's one of Sherri Shepherd's favorites. I know you won't be shocked to hear this -- but it was good. 

Next up: In the Heights. Which, sadly just closed this past weekend. It's the best Broadway show I've seen. If it ever comes to a theater near you, you must see it!!! Here's just a taste of what we saw:

I looooooooved it! Such a great story. So well-executed. Soooo creative!

Day 4

Breakfast of bagels and lox at local diner.

Morning spent at Macy's on 34th. Practically ran into Regis Philbin while getting on the escalator. Strange fact: he and I are about the same size.

Visited friend Jennifer who works at Empire State Building. Can you imagine working at the Empire State Building? Wow. That's normal for her. It was also very cool having a guest pass into the Empire State Building. Very different from the tourist pass. Thanks for the tour Jenn!

On to Soho to meet up with an old friend from junior high/high school for coffee. It was such a treat to meet up with her! 

Caught taxi to Union Square where we met sister at Max Brenner for a chocolate feast. Yum. Yum. Yum. I say, skip a main course and go straight for dessert. We did chocolate fondue. No regrets.

Sister heads home because she actually has a job in NYC and must maintain a normal schedule. Mom and I head to Rockefeller Center where we arrive just in time to see someone proposing in the center of the ice skating rink. Sweet! That area of town really is magical during the Christmas season. We see a lights show there timed to a Christmas symphony. We also tour the front windows of Saks. That really is a "must." We proceed to walk back to the hotel in the snow. It was so bitterly cold, but the snow really was a perfect ending to a perfect night.

Day 5
Catch train at Penn Station for Lynchburg, VA!

Thank you mom & Hilary for the most amazing NYC trip ever. I had such a fabulous time making memories with you both!

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Nathalie said...

That does sound like an amazing trip!!

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