Friday, August 6, 2010

Distraction .......

Festival season is in FULL swing around here folks! I can't imagine a more fun place to be in all the earth! Especially if you don't have to work and have loads of money to spend on shows all day long for the entire month of August.
 Picture from our Seat

MBA and I kicked off the Fringe Festival with Scottish comedian Danny Bhoy.  Last night, we enjoyed the antics from the the front row! He was "literally" hilarious. And we were not picked on, which is always a risk sitting in the front row at a comedy show. And for that - I'm glad! 

We've also enjoyed a bit of jazz and blues this week with the Jazz and Blues Festival. On Saturday we enjoyed several stages of live music in the Grassmarket ranging from a swinging brass band to a bluesy, folksy group to a three ladies swooning to some old time music. On Sunday evening I went with a friend to hear Melba Joyce in concert:

Melba is a jazz and Gospel singer hailing from Harlem. During her concert, she even solicited group participation in songs like "Give Me that Old Time Religion." It was a hoot! 

This evening I'm headed to a cabaret show with a friend.  The show is supposed to have some kind of postmodern twist to it ...... could be strange. But it's sold out shows in Berlin and London -- perhaps that says something? (However, the Fringe can always be risky!)

Meanwhile, this weekend includes the following: The Fringe Festival, The Mela Festival, The Edinburgh Military Tattoo, and an Antiques & Collectors Fair at the Royal Highlands Centre. Lots going on in this town. LOTS! And the International Festival begins next week. Whooh. I'm tired just thinking about it. (Not really). Just trying to figure out how to fit it all in is the name of the game.

Good times!


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