Saturday, August 7, 2010

What to Wear in Europe: Boots this Fall

Since I last posted about what to wear in Europe, I've received a few inquiries -- one of the most asked about items is shoes. You can easily pair a set of low-heeled or flat-heeled boots with skinny jeans or a dress and cardigan and still be able to walk all over the cobblestone in these beautiful parts.

Here are a few suggestions:

This pair of J.Crew boots retails for $298, and it's pretty much perfect. The sole of the boot is a bit thick so you won't scuff up the toe the first minute you step out. (Seriously people - I know what walking on cobblestone can do everyday!). You might also consider taking this pair of boots by the shoe cobbler (what do they call this in the US? I can't remember! Shoe repair?) and have them place an additional rubber sole on the bottom of the boot. This will help you tackle slick sidewalks and rainy steps. After slipping and sliding around a few times, that comes as a highly recommended tip. They can also put things on the sole down there that help guard against destroying the front tip of the boot.

Now for a pair that fits the bill and is at a bargain price: 
Target's Mossimo Leather Boots retailing at $49.99. The wonderful thing about buying online from Target is that you can read reviews of the item beforehand. Lovely! About this shoe - I would definitely recommend putting in an insole of some kind. Whether it's a Dr. Scholls or something similar, when you're walking miles in a pair of boots daily, some extra cushion is a great thing. One of my favorite pairs of insoles came from an Aldo shoe store, and I can't tell you enough how highly I recommend insoles. I also recommend big, thick hiking socks be worn under your pair of boots. Insoles + hiking socks = happy feet.

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