Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quite Possibly the Happiest Person on Earth??? And Other Random Tidbits.

Hello friends ~

The above video is great, fabulous, hilarious, and totally happy. I want to be friends with this guy and go to his parties :) Do watch!

So much has been going on this week, but I have had little time for blogging. As I have a special visitor arriving this weekend, I've been trying to get tons of work done! So here's what I've been doing/thinking/tweeting since we last spoke:

- Just saw the 4 hour world premiere of The Sun Also Rises. I guess I got my money's worth?

- @Hilarysutton Dream here:

- Congrats to faculty @UnionUniversity! Recognized for teaching excellence by USNWR:among top 80 in the nation #3 in South (RT @DavidSDockery)

- Wondering what twifficiency is? Read link below. It was developed by 17 year old in Dundee.


- Love that my Canadian office mate was given a free Lipton ice tea and directly came and sat it on my desk. #iamsouthern

- Strangely, the convicted Blagojevich & I both had the same criminal law professor. Yet, I got a grasp on what constitutes breaking the law.

- Just booked tickets for this evenings Amnesty Internationals Writers Series on Israel and Palestine. Should prove interesting if not heated!

- Just overheard a conversation arguing against having a lot of kids because of the environment.

- Article on female slavery:

More randomness:  

(I did warn you in the title to this post!)

I feel like I'm always on the hunt for yummy, nutritious recipes. I've had several successes this week, which include:

- Quinoa stuffed peppers with chickpeas, feta, fresh herbs, and loads of other yummy stuff

- North African salmon with stir fried green beans and a side of quinoa with pine nuts, shallots, garlic, and a touch of soy

- Fried Rice with carrots, onions, garlic, green peas, and green onions (the key is in the sauce! it's made of oyster sauce, soy sauce, grapeseed oil, and extra virgin olive oil)

If you want one of the recipes, feel free to comment/message me. I'm happy to share! And do share in the comments if you have any recipes that are great. I'm sure we'll all appreciate having something new to try!



Marksberry Family said...

I would love to try the stuffed pepper and the salmon recipes. I am trying to cut out red meat, dairy, sugar and wheat from my diet. I need all the recipes I can get!

t marie said...

The Quiona stuffed peppers sound delish! I wouldn't mind having that recipe.

And woo-hoo for our small, Christian colleges! Ouachita came in 1st (Regional college - South) and 2nd in its categories!

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