Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stirling's Castle

Several weeks ago, MBA and I ventured over to Stirling for the day to attend their Highland Games. After enjoying the games for a few hours, we walked over to Stirling Castle.

On our first visit to Stirling's castle, we did not see these:

Instead, our first visit to Stirling was in February of 2008 .... not nearly as pretty as visiting in July of 2010!

The castle's garden was alive with these vibrant red roses. I was smitten!

When you walk over to the edge of the castle wall, this is your view:
You could definitely see your enemy coming!

Most castles in Scotland don't host a lovely garden filled with blooming flowers.

Instead, you usually see ruins and rubble .... which is interesting.
But on this occasion, I was loving the flowers! The place seemed so much more alive and vibrant!
From another viewpoint from the castle, you can look out and see the William Wallace monument:
Isn't the Scottish countryside stunning? Every time I get out of our city and see the beauty of the surrounding area, I'm in awe. It's so lovely.
Back to the castle .....
What's a castle without a remnant of its violent past?

And one last picture:

A lovely cottage just outside the castle. Charming eh?


Dee said...

Warn me next time you're taking us on another walk, I need to change shoes. :o)

Ashli said...

Haha! Dee - I'll do that next time!

K&T said...

I love all of the castles over there!! I'm glad the rose garden was in bloom, it makes it so much more romantic!

Dee said...

Yikes, I just noticed that my name linked to my old blog so I fixed it to go to my REAL blog. Drop by sometime.

t marie said...

Beautiful! (Your photography is quite good.)

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