Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Love This

The only thing better than getting a post card is ....
..... hearing all about the trip when your friends return!

So - the above picture is blurry.  But can't you tell that Sibenik, Croatia is drop-dead gorgeous? I'm ready to pack my bags! And all the stories about Croatia and Bosnia -- especially about life in Sarajevo -- has me completely intrigued.

(Thanks for the mail Graham and Nat!)


Annedore said...

Hi Ashli,

If you go to Sarajevo and would like to have a local show you some places let me know. I lived there a while ago and am still in touch with a few people. Just in case...

Hope you are doing well! :-)


Ashli said...

Annedore- That would be amazing! I will definitely be in touch if we make official plans to visit. I think you're back in Germany??? I hope life is going well there!

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